Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Zone Conference . . . The Details.

Wherefore, lift up thy heart and rejoice and cleave unto the covenants which thou hast made.
D&C 25:13

This was the theme for zone conferences this round. 
We focused on the Doctrine of Christ and helping people make and keep their covenants.
We also emphasized the importance of rejoicing in our own covenants as well.

President Wagner began by reviewing some items like
 the steps to help someone take a name to the temple,
the need to have a baptismal calendar
the need for a teaching calendar
baptismal challenges
focusing on families

Then Sister Wagner was second. 
My lesson was focused on Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, 
but put in the context of companionship study. 
We mostly learned how to make an outline by focusing on the 
baptismal interview questions
Then we added
scriptures, questions and examples depending on the person we would be teaching.
(See PMG, Chapter 2)

Then the zone leaders taught.
They presented Fundamental Lesson #1
focusing on challenging for baptism,
overcoming concerns
And how to contact a family and leave a blessing on the house.

(Practices are an important part of training. Here the zone leaders are conducting the practices)

Then it was Sister Leader Trainer's time!
They covered the 13 steps of weekly planning
Played a game to help the missionaries memorize the 13 steps and then. . . 
gave them a test on the steps to see how well they learned.

And the game! 

  A little different approach.:-)

Language time was next.
Everyone came prepared to give a 2-minute talk on Virtue, the attribute of Christ we are focusing on this month
We then divided into groups of three so everyone could teach the other members of their group what they had learned about virtue.

Then we learned the names of some of the body parts in both English and Spanish and played "Simon Says" to practice them. 

Test time!
We always have a test on a part of Preach My Gospel. 
This time we focused on faith and the atonement of Jesus Christ. 
We were so proud of our missionaries.
They did great on the test!

Scripture Chase!
We also always have a scripture chase. 

This is to help the missionaries learn the different scriptures from each lesson as well as how the Book of Mormon answers the questions of the soul . . . 

and this time . . . scriptures in the Book of Mormon that testify of Christ and His atonement (See PMG, Chapter 3, Lesson 2)
The scripture chase is always a lot of fun.

After lunch we finished off the day with a lesson from President Wagner on the atonement.

He taught from lesson 2 and really helped us all understand better the need for the atonement and how we can better apply it to our lives.

A big thanks to all the zone leaders for doing such an awesome job making the arrangements for set up and the food.
We could never do this job without you!

Some of the food we ate over the three weeks . . . 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Zone Conferences, Week Three!!

This week we were on the south side of the mission.

A few visitors as well . . . along with a couple future missionaries.


And the winners are . . . 
Elders G and T for companionship
Elder N, Scripture Chase
and Sister N, highest test score
 Elder C, Scripture Chase,
Elder E and Sister F tied for highest test score
Hermanas S and C won for companionship
 And  . . .Hermanas A and N won for companionship,
Hermana C won the scripture chase
and Elder P won for highest test score!

Good job everyone!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Conference Preview

Here are a few pictures from our conferences so far. We finish this week and then I will write about the conference. But in the meantime . . . enjoy!

So what is a good p-day activity? Sewing matching skirts, of course!!

 Yes, he is drenched . . . in rain! It was quite a rainstorm, but he got to dry off in the car.
 Sister Missionaries! The weak are not allowed!

This is my favorite picture of the day!

 Yes, Mom, I got my mail!
 A very hungry elder!

 If you have ever wondered how President Wagner feels about the Book of Mormon . . . :-)
Clean up crew!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Week Two of Zone Conferences

This was the first zone we visited this week. They were great and we enjoyed our day with them. 

Celebrating Birthdays!

And the winners of the competitions. 
Elder Y won the scripture chase, Elder T won the test and Elder T and Elder A won for companionship! Good job everyone!

Day Two with another great zone!

Happy Birthday to you all!
 And the winners . . . .Elder G for the scripture chase, Sister S for the test and Elder A and O for the companionship. We are so proud of all of you!

So lucky to have three awesome zones here in town!
The birthdays!
 And the winners are . . . 
Elder J for scripture chase, Elder J and Elder T tied on the test, both receiving our very first 100%!! and Elder T and Elder D won for companionship.
Great job to all of you!