Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Training, Training, Training!!

We have had a lot of training meetings lately!! So many that I have not been able to keep up with them on the blog. Every three months we have interviews, then the next month we have zone conferences and the following month we have specialized training for district, zone and sister training leaders.This past month we also had specialized training just for sisters. We loved touring the mission and visiting with everyone.  But we did get our fill of Subway Sandwiches!

First--Sister Training . . . Our theme was "Small and Simple Things". We studied Alma 37:38-47 about how Lehi and his family had the Liahona which helped guide them to the promised land, but at times, because it was so simple and easy and required faith, they neglected to look (just as the children of Israel neglected to look at the serpent on the pole when they were dying) and they were left to suffer in the desert.

We compared that to not using our resources as we should--as in Preach My Gospel and the book Adjusting to Missionary Life to help us. Sometimes as missionaries we choose to suffer rather than read and apply the book.

I introduced the theme and then we had a Preach My Gospel chase to see how well we are using Preach My Gospel. We love this book!! And all of our training is out of it, but it was obvious that many of the missionaries are not using it on their own as they should. (But also a lot are.)

The Sister Training Leaders then taught on using the book Adjusting to Missionary Life. They had a fun activity that got everyone into the book and realizing that they need to use it more.

I taught again from the Missionary Manual (another valuable small and simple thing) on showing respect to ourselves, our companions, elders and members. As part of this we covered dress and grooming.

The STL taught again on using Chapter 8 of Preach My Gospel to help us set goals and also to plan to find new people to teach. They were followed by STL who led us through some very fun exercises!

We closed out the day with a Q & A with President Wagner along with a doctrinal discussion (every day the topic was different depending on the questions they had).  

We had a great time!!  Here are some pictures from our days together.  (We had three meetings in three days in three different cities with three zones each. Each day 4 STL taught.)

As part of the meeting each of the sisters wrote something they do well. (See first point, pg 32, Adjusting to Missionary Life)
 Here they are finding answers in the book to various situations.
 And of course these Hermanas don't just talk about exercising, they get up and do it!!

 These sisters put together a "Candy Land" game to help the sisters in their zones learn to use Adjusting to Missionary Life better.
 And we are back to exercising. Look at those pony tails go!!
 A little wall sitting is always a fun thing to do.

 Hermana Hernandez, who helps me in the house, made these very cute marshmallow paletas for all the sisters. So cute!!
 Everyone was so happy to see each other!!
 Explaining the importance of following the schedule--even that half hour of exercising.
 Might as well have a little fun while you are doing it!
 The sister in the pink shirt has more enthusiasm and energy than any two year old I have met. It was exhausting to just watch her!
 Love the blue!! And the cute little pencils were made by some of the STLs
 By the end of the day we were walking like this. :-)
Good times were had by all. And hopefully we are all going to improve in those small and simple things that lead to success!


The following week--just after transfers, we held training for all the district, zone and sister training leaders. We had a lot of new leaders in the mission and wanted to be sure they were trained as quickly as possible.

As with our other training, we met with the leaders of three zones in three different cities over the course of three days. This time the assistants did a lot of the training. 

First President Wagner spoke on a few problems we have been having in the mission with obedience and the need to change the mission culture to improve obedience.

I then followed with an activity on using the book Adjusting to Missionary Life to help all the leaders realize the value of the book. (We are trying our hardest!)

I later trained on planning--as in the importance of planning daily as well as weekly and to be sure we are always finding as well as helping investigators progress. (Way too much to explain here! But this is one of my favorite topics!)

The assistants followed with training on how to conduct divisions and help missionaries set goals. They also trained on how to conduct and carry out a district class, and call in reports at night.

President Wagner then held a "Noche de Hogar" (Family Night) with the missionaries. He had them all bring in their seats to sit closer and had a Q and A session with a doctrinal discussion just like with the sisters. I think this was really everyones' favorite part. 

Here are some pictures!

 Practicing the telephone calls.
 Another day of Subway!
 Planning Baseball!!

And a little exercising!! This was actually to teach goal setting and to see how they are coming on the goals they set at our last zone conference. Notice President Wagner down there doing them as well!

 Always the most important part of the day--mail call!
 This was supposed to be a picture of a kind elder sharing his package with the other missionaries, so I won't even comment on the photo bomb. :-) Just hope he gets that eye fixed when he goes home.:-)
I am sorry I didn't have more pictures but it was a busy time!
Later this week I will post pictures from our training meeting that was held today. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Farewell!! We wish you the very best!!

We bid farewell to another great group of missionaries on Sunday night. We loved working with them and enjoyed our last evening all together. As always we were sad to see them leave, but know they will do great things in their lives and we look forward to staying in contact with them over the rest of our lives.

Final Transfer
Hermana Athalia Morales--Mexico, Mexico
Hermana Cecilia Arellano--Coahuila, Mexico
Hermana Abril Fragoso--Mexico, Mexico
Elder Taylor Schwartz--North Ogden, Utah
Elder Raymond Torres--Sacramento, California
Elder Luciano Martinez--Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
Elder Jacob Miranda--He didn't write it down
Elder Adam McGhee--Las Vegas, Nevada
Elder Derek Russell--Clovis, California
Elder Austin Nielsen--Spanish Fork, Utah
Elder Kenneth Hermansen--Lancaster, California
Elder Jason Beutler--North Ogden, Utah
Elder Pearce Solomon--Taylor, Arizona
Elder Andres Quiroz--Mexico, Mexico

Monday, February 16, 2015

Twelve New MIssionaries!!

A new group arrived this morning. Normally we welcome the native Spanish speakers in the morning as they arrive from the MTC in Mexico, and in the afternoon we welcome the native English speakers as they arrive from the MTC in Provo. But this time all the new missionaries--9 from Mexico and 3 from the US, arrived this morning from the Mexican MTC. That made training a little more of a challenge (since the Americans don't speak enough Spanish yet to train them in Spanish) but we did it and they are all now off to their new areas.

Below are pictures of the group as well as of each missionary with his/her companion.