Saturday, November 29, 2014

La Bienvenida!

As soon as we send home a group, we turn around and set the table for the new missionaries who will be arriving for breakfast. It is kind of crazy but I like it because I don't have too much time to mourn those who are leaving. This time we received another great group of missionaries. We are looking forward to working with them. Below are their pictures with their companions. New missionaries are on the left, trainers on the right. The difference in the pictures is on the first day of training we were at the temple and on the second day we were at the office.

Zone Conferences Week 3

Here are the pictures from our last week of zone conferences. We three conferences in three different cities with four zones. I am sorry some of the pictures are a little blurry.

I am so sorry that we didn't get a picture of the birthdays in Puerto Vallarta! But here are the pictures from the other two zones.

What was extra fun in one zone is a sweet member made a birthday cake for President Wagner. 
Here the other birthday honorees are helping blow out the torch/candle! It took several tries but they finally made it!
And the winners of the scripture chase!!

Congratulations to them all!! Job well done!
Next week I will write the details about the conference. But next up . . . new missionaries!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

La Despedida!!

I am very far behind in posting these days. Life has been a bit crazy with zone conferences ending and changes following the next day. But I am first going to post about our group who just returned home on Monday morning. As always we were sad to see them go but looking forward to hearing great things from them in the future. I will later post about zone conference and before Monday I will post pictures of all the new missionaries with their companions. Just know they all arrived safely and so far are doing great.

This was another large group!! They came from Peru, Honduras, the United States and Mexico. They were great missionaries and will be missed! Although with Elder Calixto and Hermana Velez gone, someone else has a chance of winning their zone's scripture chase. :-)

Final Transfer
Hermana Lilia Tondopo--(She didn't leave an address)
Hermana Ninfa Najera--Puebla, Mexico
Hermana Nancy Illescas--Ixtapaluea (hopefully I got that right)
Hermana Erika Velez--Mexico, Mexico
Hermana Diana Cruz--Queretaro
Hermana Hillari Badillo--Cuatitlan
Hermana Vera--Iztacalco
Elder Homer Romero--Honduras
Elder Chett Prince--Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Elder Hernón Calixto--Mexico
Elder Carson Mellott--Pleasant Grove, UT, USA
Elder Tonatiuh Piña--San Bernardo, Mexico
Elder Cesar Guerrero--Tampico, Mexico
Elder Edward Ramirez--Peru

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Zone Conferences Week 2

This week we were here in town for conferences. We also celebrated President Wagner's birthday and had follow up training for the missionaries who came last change. So basically it was a busy week! But here are some pictures from zone conferences.

October, November and December Birthdays!

And drum roll . . . .here are the winners of the scripture chase competition!

And a few bonus pictures----that I will explain at the end of our conferences.:-)

And look who dropped by for a visit!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

From the grandma in me . . .

The grandma in me just begs to post this picture!! Isn't he the cutest little penguin you have ever seen? The only thing he is missing is a grandma to squeeze him!!

First week of zone conferences!

We had three zone conferences last week with three different zones.
It was so much fun to spend the day with them.

As always we had a scripture chase competition. Here are the pictures of our three champions!! Good job!!

And we celebrated  October, November and December birthdays!

Here are a few more pictures from our conference. Hopefully you can find your son/daughter in one of them. :-)

And the food . . . All of the meals are provided by members (we pay them) and they do a great job. Here is a sampling of what we ate this past week.