Saturday, June 28, 2014

Are you ready for some pictures???? Interviews, Week 1

Here are a LOT of pictures from this past week. While President Wagner met with each missionary individually, I met with several to review preparation for the upcoming zone conference, health and apartment cleanliness, and the zone leaders met with each companionship to review principles of weekly planning and how to use the planning sheet more effectively.  
This first week was great. The zone leaders did a great job in their training and preparing everything. A big thanks to all of them!
We have this next week off from interviews due to a meeting with a member of the Area Presidency, traveling and company coming. And then we will be back at it again!

 It's a tie thing . . . :-)

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Our Assistants

Love this picture . . .

Random Pictures from Zone Conferences

Here are just a few pictures from the zone conferences that I had on my computer and so wanted to publish them. Good times!!

One of the activities we did to help the missionaries learn English was sing all the verses to "Book of Mormon Stories" (Who knew there are EIGHT verses to that song?:-) The zones were divided up into groups and each group had to sing and act out one of the verses. Several of the pictures below are from this activity. (Most of the crazy pictures:-)

 Another part of zone conference was practicing calling the office secretaries and giving a report on references received from them. Yes, it is sad we actually have to practice this!
 This was one of my favorite pictures. Elder R in the front is practicing with his companion making the calls and he is pretending to be the office secretary taking the call. While behind him (in between the sister missionary and the elder with the pink tie) is the REAL office secretary!
 Another verse in the song . . .
 And another . . .
 We also give a test on Preach My Gospel. Here the elders are comparing their test scores.
 And guess who won the most mail contest?! Goodness!! I have never seen anyone get this much mail at one time before!!
 And then there is cleanup. Some elders are a little more happy about it than others.:-)
A few more pictures from our singing time. Guess who the man in the crown is?

 Samuel the Lamanite on the wall
 Ammon who cut off the arms of this poor girl!
 And dessert. . . .Most of the zones didn't actually get dessert but the dear sister who cooked for this zone provided it. Two different kinds!!

 And then there is the filling out the reimbursement forms.
Okay, I think that is it for zone conferences. This past week we have held three days of specialized training and next up is interviews!! I will post a few pictures from last week, next week.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

More New Missionaries!!

Today we welcomed two more missionaries!! A senior couple!! We are so excited to have them here and even more excited that they will be here for TWO YEARS!! They are on their way out to a little town to help with the branch there. We are so grateful for their desire to serve our Heavenly Father in our mission. Senior couples are very much needed here.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Better late than never, right?

In our last change (six weeks ago) we had two missionaries come from the Provo MTC but forgot to take their pictures. So . . . we finally tracked them down and so, here they are with their trainers!! The new missionaries are on the left.

Twenty Three New Missionaries!!

The day after each goodbye is a welcome. And this time we welcomed 23 new missionaries!
It started at 8:20 Monday morning when 16 missionaries arrived from the MTC in Mexico City. This was the first time for us to receive Americans from the Mexican MTC. It threw off our schedule a bit doing the training in both English and Spanish but we adjusted and for the most part things went smoothly. Six more missionaries were supposed to come in that night from Provo but there were problems with their plane and so they arrived the following day at 2:00 instead.

We are so glad to have them all here and look forward to getting to know them better.

Here are pictures from the first group.

And here is the group from the next day . . .

And their pictures with their new companions.  All 23 of them!!

The rest were taken at night by my husband on his iphone. I think they are great!

We look forward to great things from them all!!