Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Zone Conference in Independencia!

Here are the pictures from our day with the Independencia Zone.
This was one well-watched over practice!

 During our practices the missionaries rotate down the row, changing the person they are practicing with. Since they get to practice a lot with their companion anyway, this way they are able to learn from someone else as well.

 Taking the test. Is counting on your fingers legal? :-)

 Adding a little power to those scriptures!

 And no, they are not plugging their ears.:-)

 And this was not the chicken dance.:-)

Zone Conference in Guzman!

Here are the pictures from our zone conference in Ciudad Guzman.
Can you guess what the lesson from the zone leaders was on?

 Love those practices!!

 A "Marvelous Missionary" (The birthday treat:-)

 Sort of a zone picture. Not everyone was there when I remembered to take the picture so the zone leaders wrote the names of two of the missing missionaries and held up the papers for the picture. Unfortunately, then we realized there were two more missing as well. So here is the zone photo minus 4.
Some good news . . . we now have sisters in Ciudad Guzman as well as in Santiago. So that means we have sisters in every zone in our mission!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Otra Despedida!!

Last night we bid farewell to yet another group of missionaries. Included in the group was the office secretary when we arrived in the mission almost a year ago. He was so helpful to us. I am sure he knew everything!! The rest of the missionaries in the group are awesome missionaries as well. We will miss them all very much!!

And yes, all those rolls were eaten by Elder Ramos!!


Elder Cristian Ramos Barrios---Chiapas, Mexico
Elder Luis Francisco Aguilar Rojas---Puebla, Mexico
Elder Isaias Gonzalez Garcia--Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Hermana Lesly Amparo Lopez Cruz, Mexico, Mexico
Hermana Angie Karina Ramirez--Comayaguela, Honduras
Hermana Paula Andrea--Armonia, Colombia
Hermana Ivonne Jenili Sauceda--Tegucigalpa, Honduras

We wish them all the very best!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Zone Conferences in Guadalajara Day 1

Since once again I am very far behind in posting, I am just going to mostly post pictures without writing very much. Here is from our first day of zone conferences in Guadalajara. To learn what we did at the conferences you can scroll down to some of the others where I wrote more.

 These were all the people who had birthdays in the last quarter. My goodness!! What a group!!
 I loved this. They spend quite a bit of time visiting with the Calls--who I know loved it as well.
Zone picture!!
 And a few companionship pictures