Friday, August 10, 2012

Things Are Hopping in Guadalajara!!

Things are definitely hopping at the mission home this week. Come Monday we send home 12 missionaries and welcome another 17!! This will be our first group to welcome and is the same group we met when we were in the MTC.  A couple days later we will welcome a senior couple, the Calls from our hometown!! We could not possibly be more excited!!

Then later in the week we head off for our first zone conferences. We are also looking forward to that! (So obviously we will have a lot of pictures to post in the next couple weeks!)

In anticipation we have been getting the beds ready at the mission office for the outgoing and incoming elders' one night stays, and cooking, cooking, cooking!!

Michelle spent two days baking chocolate chip cookies!
How grateful we are to Aunt Lisa for bringing down all the chocolate chips and brown sugar from Utah. I am sure all the missionaries will enjoy them. 

 Kathryn got the job of cooking 45 pounds of hamburger!  
 And cutting all the peppers (Michelle got the onions)
 After so many peppers she got a little creative. This is one pepper sliced in a way that made one continous piece of pepper about five feet long!

And I put it all together for the Sloppy Joe mix. 
This pan is huge!! It is covering four burners and is about a foot in depth!
(And I promise it tastes a lot better than it looks)
 All this food has been frozen and will be lunch for the missionaries during zone conferences. We will take it frozen in a cooler with a crock pot to heat it at the church. 

And now we are headed to the office to pick mangoes for a salsa!
Too. Much. Fun!

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