Monday, June 3, 2013

Our Visit to Manzanillo

One of my favorite things about visiting Manzanillo is the pelicans that sit on the outside of town welcoming everyone. 

Of course even better is the time we get to spend with the missionaries there.
In this zone conference two of the newly called Sister Leader Trainers helped with the teaching. 
I got a kick out of that. It looks just a little different than when the elders do it.:-)

 Here we are with the scripture chase. The elder on the right won that competition.
 But everyone did great. 
 Here we are getting into the song Scripture Power!!
 And Head Shoulders Knees and Toes
 Of course the President leads by example. 

 One of the more fun things about this conference was the meal!! The missionaries ordered these hamburgers which contain 9 pounds of meat each!! 
And each hamburger fed 8 people!!

 We also had some really good orchata to drink.
 At the end of the conference we took a zone picture
 followed by pictures of smaller groups. 

Manzanillo is a great area to work and a great zone. We appreciate all the hard work the missionaries do there!

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