Monday, February 3, 2014

Otra Despedida!

Farewells once again. This is always such a sad night.

We were particularly sad this time because Sister Lopez is the first missionary we have welcomed and sent home after serving her full term of service with us. We have two others who came after we did who have already returned home, but both were visa waiters in their respective countries and so came to us after already serving several months in another mission.

But Sister Lopez served her entire mission with us!! That means that we have been here more than a year and a half! The time has passed so rapidly (after those first few months:-) We wish we could make it slow down just a little.

We will miss all of these missionaries!! But we know they will do great things!
Final Transfer

Elder Mason Sanders---Mesa, Arizona
Elder Mario Alberto Pizaño--San Luis Potosi, Mexico
Elder Alejandro Zamarripa--Tiajuana, Mexico
Elder Kyle Headley--Clinton, Utah
Elder Geovanny Vega---Hidalgo, Mexico
Hermana Christiane Lopez--Palenque Chiapas, Mexico
Elder Jonathan Thompson--Tulsa, Oklahoma

Congratulations to you all for a job well done!
Also congratulations to Elder Zamarripa and Elder Pizaño for taking and passing the English Competency Exam!!

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