Thursday, March 27, 2014

And the winners are . . . .

During zone conferences we have a scripture chase competition, using the scriptures from the different lessons in Preach My Gospel, and a test over a chapter of Preach My Gospel. The intent is to help motivate the missionaries to study more and study better. Here are the top winners from each event!

Highest Combined Score
Elder Malvaez

Scripture Chase Winners For Each Zone Conference
Elder Flores (de Nicargua)
Hermana Hernandez
Elder Tejada
Hermana Lozano
Elder Calixto
Elder Williams
Hermana Gonzalez (de Colombia)
Elder Acevedo
Elder Morales
Elder Malvaez

100% on the test
Elder Brighton
Elder Solomon
Elder Klingler
Elder Smith
Elder Malvaez
Elder Molina
Elder Flores (de los Estados Unidos)
Elder Eldredge
Elder Izucar
Elder Knight
Hermana Moreno
Hermana Gonzalez (de Mexico)
Hermana Kortas

Congratulations to you all!!

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