Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mission Council

Today we had a wonderful mission council. I think everyone did such a great job and it was fun to see and hear the maturity in the missionaries. They did awesome on their practices and their comments were inspiring.

The assistants taught Fundamental Lesson #7, "Nosotros invitamos, ellos se comprometen".  They are always very entertaining, and do a great job following the training model (explain, demonstrate, practice, evaluate, re-practice) with interesting practices.  We appreciate their hard work. 

 President Wagner also taught on the area plan, better ways to succeed with the area plan and how to increase our faith. I taught on the need to follow up on what they teach their zone members to be sure they are applying it, and then re-teach as many times as is necessary. We also covered charity, which is the attribute we are focusing on this month. 

We had 7 new zone leaders joining us this month and one new sister leader trainer. It seems like our group is constantly changing. 

 And here is the entire group. We are now up to 32 members of the mission council!!

After the meeting we fed them lunch. It is interesting to me that feeding up to 14 people for me is no longer a big deal. But this group is still a challenge. It takes two days of cooking by me and Sister Hernandez who helps me at home. Then we have to haul everything to the church. But, it is worth it. The alternative would be to order pizza or Subway sandwiches and I have not reached that point yet.:-) I still really enjoy planning and cooking this meal.

This month we had green chili chicken chilaquiles, refried beans, fruit salad and cake.  Chilaquiles are really nachos with a warm salsa poured over them. Pretty tasty actually. 

It was a good day!


  1. Ohhhhh! I am SO jealous you feed them Chilequiles! That's one thing I told my daughter to try down there! And I'm sure your cake was delightful! Loved the fb post! I hope Hna. Davis will get to try your Chilequiles someday. Thanks for all you do! You guys are amazing!

  2. Thanks for all your post. I've been following your blog for well over a year. My son is one of the new zone leaders so I get to see even more pictures of him now. Thank you! You are doing a great service to parents of these missionaries.

  3. Your cooking skills are simply amazing - looks delicious!!