Monday, July 21, 2014

La Despedida

Is it just me or are change periods going by faster and faster! Last night we had another farewell dinner for the group that went home this morning. Well, ALMOST all went this morning. One poor elder had an emergency appendectomy Friday night so he will be with us until Saturday. I felt so bad for him and his family. I am sure they were all very excited to welcome him home and now have to delay the celebration by nearly a week. When he called me on Friday to tell me he thought he had appendicitis I jokingly asked, "Can't this wait until Tuesday?" But we are glad all went well and he is now on the mend.

And we are going to miss every one of these missionaries! They have all been great.

Final Transfer
Elder Omar Malvaez--Teotihuacan, Mexico
Elder Sarul Zarate--Didn't fill out the information so I don't know where he lives:-)
Elder Andrew Kubat--Laguna Hills, CA, USA
Elder Eric Shawkey--Also didn't fill out the information
Hermana--Arcelia Ambrosi--Puebla, Mexico
Elder Ryan Bentall--Brookline, NH, USA
Elder Cody Klingler--Utah, USA
Elder Cullen Krambule--family moved and doesn't know where he lives
Elder Kyle Hatfield--Mesa, AZ, USA
Elder Palacios--too sick to fill out the form

Okay, so usually I have more information on them that this.:-)

Congratulations to Elder Malvaez, Elder Zarate and Hermana Ambrosi who all took the English exam. Elder Palacios will take it later this week.
We are so proud of all of them.

And here are some pictures from last night as well as a few from two years ago when they arrived!

Dinner took awhile to get started. We were waiting for the three missionaries taking the English test to finish and for President Wagner to get Elder Palacios checked out of the hospital and delivered to our house. The growling stomachs got to be too much!
So glad for the banana purchase the day before!
 We were missing one of their generation, Elder Lines, who had to go home a couple months early due to illness. But we remembered him! Here the missionaries are posing with his "photo".

 Elder Bentall won the sock contest!

 This is what going home looks like. Sure going to miss this awesome sister!
And for fun. . . . here they were last night, July 2014

And here they were two years ago, September, 2012
Yeah, I think they have changed a little.:-)
And arriving at the airport!
We wish them all the very best!

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