Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mission Council!

We held mission council one week early so we would have time to get in all the zone conferences before our next change. Here are a few pictures from the meeting. Mostly I took pictures of the new members of the council and then a few others. Next month I will get a group picture.

Here are four of the five new zone leaders! We always miss the ones who have returned home or receive other assignments, but we are also always happy to welcome new ones! And we know they will be just as awesome as the elders before them!
 And here are our two new sister leader trainers. We are also super happy to have them serving with us!
 This was the salad Hermana Hernandez made!! She is truly a food artist. And they taste delicious as well!
 The cleanup crew!!
 The exodus! Back to work everyone!

 More missionaries cleaning up. Sorry these pictures are so out of order, I just didn't want to take the time necessary to arrange them better.
 So we also have a little fun. . .
 One of these hermanas is not like the other, but we still feel like she belongs!! Our very own and very much loved Hermana Moreno came back to visit us today! We were so happy to see her.
 Ahhh there he is!! New zone leader number five. We finally were able to track him down to take his picture!!
So that was our day. Always a privilege to spend time with these wonderful leaders!

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