Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Mission Council

Today we held mission council at the church building. The first hour President Wagner reviewed goals for each zone and discussed several business items (I was with the sisters in another room so I really don't know what they talked about.:-) The second hour I taught the missionaries the song "Scripture Power" in English and in Spanish so they can teach their zones in order to prepare them for zone conferences where we will have a "Sing Off" between the Latins and the Americans--each singing in the language they are learning.

Next we reviewed planning-- using your list, (how to use your lists) working with members, making backup plans, setting goals etc. The zone leaders will teach this to their zones during interviews. Those who already had interviews taught the zone leaders and sister training leaders who have not. All of this was taught at our last zone conference so now we are doing the follow up on it.

The assistants taught the fundamental lesson, "We teach people, not lessons".  This will then be taught by the zone leaders at their zone class. President Wagner ended with a gospel discussion on faith.

Here are some pictures from the meeting:

Our current Sister Training Leaders!

 Zone leaders on the north side of the mission
 Zone leaders and assistants here in town
 Zone leaders on the south side of the mission!
We loved being with them today! What a blessing it is for us to serve with such amazing people!

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