Sunday, April 21, 2013

More Interview Pictures

I realized that I haven't posted all the pictures from the interviews yet, so here are some more of them. For our last two days of interviews we also attended zone class in two of the zones. We had just had our zone leader council and wanted to see how well the zone leaders were teaching to their zones what they had learned.

I am happy to say that both sets of zone leaders did a wonderful job!!  And here are some pictures from our time with them.

The missionaries all have a copy of what is called "Tarjeta Automatica". This is a card with a list of questions on it to help the missionaries obtain references from members and investigators.  The zone leaders had a competition to see who knew the questions on the card the best. Here the zone is watching the final competition.
 It got down to these four!  Good job elders!
 Every three months I also teach them a song in English as part of the English study program for missionaries. This time the song was . . . . Scripture Power!! The reluctant red headed elder, however, told me he didn't want his picture on the blog because his sisters would make fun of him. So sisters  . . . please don't make fun of him.:-)
 Some of our great missionaries
 Teaching practices.

 A zone leader watching on . . .

 We love our senior couples!! This wonderful couple will be going home in the fall and we don't have a replacement for them. If someone would like to serve, please let us know!!
 Another zone leader watching and listening to the practices.

 This zone also did a competition to see who knew the card the best. Here is the champion!!
 Some of the elders in the zone
 I asked them to show enthusiasm, and this is what they gave me.:-)
 Here are two pictures of new missionaries (on the left) with their trainers. The lucky elders are with two great trainers!!

 And I think that ends this round of interviews!! In just over a week we will start round 4 of zone conferences!! My goodness the time flies by so quickly!


  1. Tell that reluctant red headed Elder that his oldest sister is just grateful to see pictures of him :) I don't know what he's talking about! Thank you so much for keeping this blog up. Our whole family absolutely adores it. It is so fun to get a peek into their lives as missionaries!

  2. Felicidades hna Flores, siempre excelente estudiante, muy buena misionera.
    Se aprendió todas las escrituras de dominio antes de ingresar a la misión.