Sunday, April 7, 2013

Zone Leader Council #10!!

On Tuesday we held our final zone leader council.
From now on, the meeting will be called "Mission Council" and will include "Sister Leader Trainers"
We have not really had the influx of sister missionaries other missions have, since no American sisters are sent to Mexico, but we still welcome the opportunity to improve the training of the sister missionaries. (Although I have to say our sisters are AMAZING anyway.)

But this morning began with everyone leaving their shoes at the entrance way. It isn't so important in the dry season but it is extremely important when it rains! And I love how it looks with all the shoes lined up together.

And then of course we feed them because they all arrive hungry.
Breakfast this morning consisted of Costco muffins, yogurt, granola and orange slices.

 After covering the business and training form the President, the assistants taught Fundamental Lesson #1, The Doctrine of Christ. 
And then of course there were practices!! We are really big on practices.

 I don't take pictures during my training, but I had one hour to teach the song "Scripture Power" in English. I teach a song in English for every zone conference as part of our English study program.
We also played a game using balls to help the elders better learn specific questions to use to ask for references (so thankful for 12 years of seminary training!) and then we spent time outlining the commandments in lesson 4 of chapter 3 so they could help the new missionaries in their zones teach them in a more clear and simple way.
Also we have a test on Preach My Gospel we give every zone conference (on different things each time) and this was intended to help them prepare for the test as well. 

And since their energy starts to run low, we needed a healthy snack!

President Wagner took the rest of the afternoon and taught about priesthood leadership, priesthood handbooks and teaching correct principles. I always love how he teaches and miss out on so much of it because I am getting lunch ready.
But I did sneak in to take these pictures.
This was part of an object lesson on the importance of using the handbook.

Then came lunch!
The elders are so good about setting everything up, taking it down and expressing gratitude for everything we do for them. 
And we appreciate that!

Lunch was chicken enchiladas, beans and rice with pico de gallo and banana tres leches cake for dessert.
After we eat there is always a lot of picture taking while waiting for the taxis to come and whisk them away.
Here is a picture of the two new zone leaders. 
One arrived in the mission field a few days before we did and the other arrived six weeks later. Seeing them both at the zone leader council made me feel like time is flying by very quickly. 
This elder climbed under the stairs to put all the chairs away.
And here is the line of people bringing their chairs to be put away.
And here are the lazy missionaries.
Just kidding. They moved all the furniture back into place.
One of the assistants who will be going home next week. 
Four missionaries who just thought I should take their picture. 
Along with these two . . . 
I just thought this picture was a little funny, since he was looking so lost. 
Then we have to show the pictures we just took . . . 
And here is a group who are all in the same generation. Lucky for us, they still have a lot of time left on their missions. 
So next time we will add a little color to the pictures by having sisters here!! We are looking forward to that!

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  1. It's amazing to me how much you and Pres Wagner travel, cook, clean, teach..etc.!
    I bet your missionaries' parents love this blog so much--you're so great about taking pictures, etc.
    Hope you have a great weekend!