Saturday, November 30, 2013

The food

For the first two zone conferences, I did all the food. Feeding around 170 missionaries over the course of nine days, while traveling sometimes three days at a time, proved to be a rather difficult task. Then one of the elders (Thank you so much Elder Tyler Roberts!!) suggested that I have the zone leaders make the food arrangements. This has proved to be such a life saver for me! Not only has my stress level decreased substantially, but we get a much greater variety of food and I get to be in the conference the entire time instead of in the kitchen.

Here is a little sampling of what we ate . . . tacos, chicken mole and chicken cordon bleu with cheesy spaghetti! All of it was delicious!!
Going through the taco bar, making their yummy tacos!

And here another group is going through a line adding toppings to their "carne en su jugo" one of my favorite dishes from Jalisco.

At this meal, no one left hungry!! Each missionary was provided this entire sandwich!
And amazingly, some even finished the whole thing!!
(He did polish off those last few bites)
 Four more champion eaters!
(Their mothers should be so proud.:-)

Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, we had a zone conference in Vallarta. We didn't get turkey for lunch (but we did eat well), and we made sure everyone got pumpkin pie . . ., and pecan . . ., and apple.

Thank you so much to all the zone leaders who made the food arrangements and especially to all the very kind Hermanas who cooked the food for us!

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