Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Test!!

Each zone conference we give a test on a different part of Preach My Gospel. This is to help the missionaries study the lessons better and become more familiar with the material in this wonderful book so they can teach more effectively. Following the written portion, we have a scripture chase. This time the test was on Lesson 3, Chapter 6 and portions of Chapter 5. The scripture chase was on Lesson 1.

The over-all winner--as in the person with the highest combined total (test and scripture chase) was *Hermana Flores in Ciudad Guzman.  She also was the queen of the scripture chase, getting more points than anyone else in the entire mission!!

The person with the highest test score--for the fourth time in a row--was *Elder Turley, also from the Guzman zone. Congratulations to them both!

The companionship winners from each zone (the companionship with the highest combined scores) are:

Manzanillo--*Elder Snyder and Elder Flores
Colima--*Elder Ramirez and Elder Payne
Guzman--*Elder Turley and Elder Eldredge
Union--Tie--*Elder Casas and Elder Brighton, Elder Acevedo and Elder Araya
Lomas--*Elder Loveland and Elder Juarez
Independencia--Elder Klingler and Elder Solomon
Santiago--Tie--Hermana Najera and Hermana Morales, Elder Krambule and Elder Perez
Tepic--Elder Fortney and Elder Patlán
Vallarta--Elder Buelna and Elder Hernandez

Congratulations to you all!!
*Missionaries going home this change.

Great Job everyone!!

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  1. felicidades a la hna. Flores, siempre ha sido muy buena para las escrituras, en seminario siempre ganaba las pesquisas.