Saturday, December 21, 2013

They are here!!

Last Monday we welcomed 12 Sisters and 1 elder. I am so super sorry that I never took a picture of the elder who arrived at a different time than everyone else!! But I will track him down with his companion and add a picture soon.

However, here are some pictures of the sisters!!

First--Monday morning three awesome sisters arrived from Mexico. We are so happy to have them with us and know they will do great.

Meanwhile . . .around the building and in the parking lot . . .changes were taking place!

 The future trainers waiting to find out who their companions will be
Then around 10:30 at night the American sisters finally arrived at the mission office. We fed them soup and salad and sent them to bed. The next morning they met their companions and were trained. Here they are waiting to find out who their companions will be!
With their companions in front of the temple . . .

Then of course we fed them again (they had breakfast at the mission home). Pizza! 

Poor Sister F. Her companion didn't arrive!! She had visa problems but they told us she would be in for sure two days later. However, two days later she was stuck in Boise due to the massive snow storm that shut down the Salt Lake Airport. So here it is Saturday and she still hasn't arrived. Hopefully she will be here soon. 

And they are off to their areas!! Thank goodness for the assistants who helped with all the luggage!
We were able to see them all again within three days of their arrival. There had been some challenges but all of them were still smiling. That was good to see. We now have 46 sisters in the mission with 2 more arriving any day. 

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  1. Thank-you so much for posting these pictures! It was
    So great to see our daughter's smiling face in Mexico.