Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Getting a little help with changes . . .

President Wagner has a big challenge ahead of him this week. Changes. We have 14 missionaries going home--all of which are awesome and most are currently serving as leaders in the mission. Thirteen are elders and 1 is a sister.

On Monday we have 15 missionaries coming in. Two are elders and 13 are sisters. This means that several areas where elders are currently working will be changed over to areas for sisters. It also means a lot of shuffling--and right before Christmas. So, President has consulted an expert for help. Good thing the grandchildren are here for a visit!!

I still am lacking some pictures from zone conferences, but due to travel, visitors, colds and a bad episode of the stomach flu, I am once again behind. But here are some of my favorite random shots in the meantime.

Always working hard--the assistants!

 I am not above a little brown-nosing. :-) Thanks Elders!! I love you too!

Holding up the standard of Liberty/Excellence!
Since we are no longer allowed to have a mission hymn, many of the zone leaders got quite creative with the closing song at zone conference. In this zone we had a special musical number complete with violin!

No, he is not getting a shot.:-) This is Elder W. to the rescue removing stains and saving white shirts to be worn for yet another day!
On Tuesday we had our monthly mission council. In addition to the regulars, we had a few others drop by for a visit. 

The bathroom line?
The new zone leaders this change . . .

From Honduras . . . our daughter with her companion on Thanksgiving Day. Their "feast" consisted of fried bananas but their headwear got them in the spirit.:-)
In October we traveled to Huatulco in the state of Oaxaca for the Mission President's Seminar with the Area Presidency. We had a great time being trained by our leaders and visiting with the other mission presidents in Mexico. Here we are on our p-day--fresh fish lunch on the beach!!
And sweltering at the airport, waiting for our flight to take us back to our areas   . . .  I love this picture! I think it looks so retro!
Lastly . . . Our office staff before changes in November at our house on P-day.

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