Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mission Council

Last Tuesday we had our first mission council of the year and welcomed many new members to the council.

First we have a new assistant!! Here is a picture of the current assistants. We are always so thankful to have them and appreciate all they do!

And here is our new mission council!

Aren't they an awesome group of missionaries?! And what is even better is we have an entire mission just like them!

And here is a picture of everyone who was new either this month or in the month of December. (I forgot to take a picture last month.:-)

This month we focused mostly on how to teach lesson 5, in a way that the people understand we are offering them opportunities to receive an abundance of blessings rather than giving them something more to do. We also focused on developing the attributes of Christ and D&C 84 and how it applies to the mission of the Church. I think it was a great council.

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