Thursday, January 22, 2015

On the road again . . .

This past week we have been on the road for interviews. We are now halfway done. Five zones down, and five to go!

For this round, while President Wagner is interviewing each missionary personally, I am meeting with five other missionaries (three companionships come at a time) and reviewing the lesson outlines they are all supposed to be working on.  I also meet with each companionship to review their language learning progress--especially for those learning English--and help them set goals for the next three months.

Meanwhile the zone leaders are administering and correcting tests on the long outlines for lesson 1-3 (all our missionaries are required to memorize the long outlines and are tested on them), and helping those who need to improve, set goals for improvement.

We have been thrilled with the progress we have seen with the outlines! We hope to have the entire mission with the three outlines memorized and the lessons all outlined by our next zone conference!

What is especially fun is seeing missionaries who just arrived 3 weeks ago who have it all done!!

So here are some pictures from the last five days. It is picture overload for sure, but hopefully you can find your child in one of the pictures. If not, they should be in the next group!

 Getting all the materials ready for distribution.

 They were too cute!! They talked with me the entire time in English and said they practice speaking English all the time while in their house. I loved their enthusiasm for learning!

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