Thursday, February 19, 2015

Farewell!! We wish you the very best!!

We bid farewell to another great group of missionaries on Sunday night. We loved working with them and enjoyed our last evening all together. As always we were sad to see them leave, but know they will do great things in their lives and we look forward to staying in contact with them over the rest of our lives.

Final Transfer
Hermana Athalia Morales--Mexico, Mexico
Hermana Cecilia Arellano--Coahuila, Mexico
Hermana Abril Fragoso--Mexico, Mexico
Elder Taylor Schwartz--North Ogden, Utah
Elder Raymond Torres--Sacramento, California
Elder Luciano Martinez--Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
Elder Jacob Miranda--He didn't write it down
Elder Adam McGhee--Las Vegas, Nevada
Elder Derek Russell--Clovis, California
Elder Austin Nielsen--Spanish Fork, Utah
Elder Kenneth Hermansen--Lancaster, California
Elder Jason Beutler--North Ogden, Utah
Elder Pearce Solomon--Taylor, Arizona
Elder Andres Quiroz--Mexico, Mexico


  1. Thank you Pres and Sister Wagner for the service you have given especially in behalf of my son Elder Hermansen!!

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