Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The last of interviews . . . and what we did during them.

Here are some more pictures from our  last day of interviews. I am sorry I didn't get them pictures up sooner, but for some reason my computer wasn't letting me access them. The problem has now been resolved!

This next picture is from the training at the beginning of each group. I met with groups of six to review the importance of learning doctrine.

We read 3 Nephi 27:27 where we are commanded to become like Christ.
And we know that with every commandment the Lord provides a way to keep the commandment so next we needed to find the way.

For that we went to Elder Packer's quote on p. 19 of PME where he teaches that the study of doctrine changes behavior. We concluded that by studying and applying doctrine in our lives, we could become like the Savior--and that without the study and application of doctrine, becoming like the Savior would be impossible.

So . . . the next question was how to study. The answer to that was found on page 20--at the bottom. 
We covered the 5 steps of how to study (following prayer) and apply what we learn.

1. Memorize the doctrinal principles of the lessons in sequence. (We agreed that the lesson outlines at the end of lessons 1-3 helped us with this)
2. Search for material that supports the doctrine
3. Write what you find in your study journal
4. Apply the doctrine in your own life
5. Share it with someone else.

We have been focusing a lot on these principles. All missionaries are to memorize the three long lesson outlines and then take a test to show they have mastered them. If they didn't past the test the first time, they were given another opportunity during interviews.
What success looks like.:-)

In addition to the memorization, each missionary has been outlining the lessons. This is where they read the lesson, looking for specific material that supports each principle in the long outline at the end of the lessons. They then record this information in their study journals.

Christmas packages finally arrived!
We  hope they are all then applying what they learn. And lastly, their next challenge is to explain each point of each principle to someone else so they can be sure they understand what they are learning and what they are teaching.
In addition to the mail, we also bring supplies!
Good thing everyone has been practicing their push ups!
The end!

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