Friday, June 26, 2015

Random Pictures from Around the Mission

Here are some pictures taken these past few weeks as we have toured the mission and conducted training. First a few from our last mission council.

 I guess it is always good to be prepared with a few ties.

 Of course a food picture. In our first mission council I served beef stew, fruit salad, rolls and oatmeal fudge bars for dessert. I served American food since that was the only thing I knew how to cook. But to end, I decided to go puro Mexicano! A big thanks to our wonderful Hermana Hernandez for making the amazing salsas.

Visitors!! Elder Morales and Elder Bentall came to visit us while we were in Puerto Vallarta. Here we are shopping for vanilla (they have the best vanilla there!) in the rain! They were good sports and we loved being able to spend some time with them. 
Last Friday we also traveled to Manzanillo for their Meet the Mormons missionary activity. It was so fun to be there and to say goodbye to the district president and his family. 
 There are a great turnout which kept this crew busy!
 Oh wait, two more!
And the next morning we got up very early to drive back to Guadalajara for our quarterly breakfast with the office staff. Did I mention we drove back in the rain?
Our awesome office staff. These are the very capable people who will help the Claytons get settled into mission life! 
And they are in great hands!

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