Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 2 of Zone Conferences

This week we stayed in town and met with the three zones here in Guadalajara. We had a wonderful time with all of them and just loved what a great job the zone leaders and sister training leaders did! Here are pictures from this week. I will explain everything we did after we finish the conferences at the end of this week.

The pictures are in a very random order. I just don't have time to organize them. Sorry!!

Scripture Chase Champion!! Sister M on the right. Her companion is just being supportive. :-)
Birthdays!! Happy Birthday to these three!

We are focusing on the Book of Mormon. This is just a picture taken during practices.
More birthdays, but in a different zone! Happy Birthday to them as well.
And another scripture chase champion! Good job!
These two also were awesome in the scripture chase but lost (in a tie) to the elder above after two run offs.
The entire zone!!
And scripture chase champion #3 Good job Hermanita!

Another group of birthdays!

The Scripture Power Sing Off! Who do you think won?
Not to make anyone jealous, but the food was great! Love those tacos!!
One last birthday. We actually forgot to do birthdays in the Lomas Zone so we had to track them all down afterward for pictures. Unfortunately Hermana Castro was too quick for me so I still owe her a picture and a candy bar.

More details and pictures to come!!

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