Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The End of the Zone Conferences

Sorry it has taken me so long to get these pictures posted. 
Here are pictures from the zone conferences on the north side of the mission. 

Here is a pictures of something old and something new.:-)
One elder is going home and the other recently arrived.

 I always appreciate enthusiasm!
 At the risk of embarrassing the elder . . . by the way the elder on the left takes care of his companion (who is a new arrival) I think we can assume he will make a great dad some day. 
 Many members of the zone . . .
 Awesome Elders!

 And the zone leaders--who are pretty awesome as well. 
 Tie exchange??
 Yes, Mom, I got the package!!
A deep spiritual discussion, I am sure. 
 I have so many captions for this one, but I don't think President Wagner will let me put any of them. :-)
 All of our sisters are so cute!! I love how they use color so well in their wardrobe. 
Two brand new elders, and still smiling!

 More greatness

 I loved this picture. What a good senior companion. 
 The received boxes and boxes of copies of the Book of Mormon. There are a lot of lucky people out there who will be getting them. 
 So many great missionaries. 

 Practicing his "I'm serious about this" face. 

 Power ties

The clean up. 

 And the farewell. . . 
It was a great zone conference. This month is specialized training--meaning the district leaders and zone leaders will receive training for their callings (Although specialized training involves any specific training done). Then later in the month we will have Christmas parties with all the missionaries. These parties will be held in three different areas on three different days. We are already looking forward to that--and preparing for it!!


  1. Thank you for taking such great care of our missionaries! I love your blog and I feel the love and care you and your husband have for the missionaries. Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

  2. I love this. I see more pictures of my brother this way, then he is able to send home. thank you so much. (my brother is Elder Wright) I miss him, but I'm glad that he is doing the Lords work and is very happy.
    Thank you,
    'sister' wright

  3. Yay! He got it. He sent me a picture of him eating it on Pday this past Monday. Makes me so happy. Now I'm wondering if there is a package sitting around for him that was sent on October 27th. Hmmm And, hoping he'll get his Christmas package. Thanks for all you do and I'm so grateful for you blog!