Tuesday, December 11, 2012

This Week In Mexico

We have been pretty busy the past few days. I didn't take my camera with me, since I have already had one stolen, so I only take my really nice camera on special occasions and use my phone the rest of the time. So I apologize the pictures aren't that great, but they capture the idea. :-)

Last Saturday night we went to the mall to do some Christmas shopping (sorry kids, but we didn't find anything!) We did get a kick out of this though. Snow blowers!!  The mall is amazing with all different stores and restaurants that surround an open area where there is miniature golf and an amphitheater. The snow blowers surrounded the open area and were filling the skies with snow. So fun!!
I love living in a country where special interest groups don't protest nativity scenes. This was an amazing one in the middle of the mall. It is larger than life and everything is made out of dried plants. Also--notice there isn't a baby Jesus. He is never put in the manger until Christmas day. 

Here is a close up of one of the kings. He is made entirely of grasses, moss and leaves.

 So we weren't the only ones at the mall that night. Parking was crazy and everyone parked wherever they could. The good news for us is we live close enough to walk. 
 The next day we drove a couple hours to attend church in Sayula. This was our first time to be there and we were so impressed with the beautiful building they meet in. It is a house (Casa de Oración) rather than a chapel but it was really nice and very clean.  Here is a picture of the missionaries with some of the members. The missionaries there are doing a great work!! We were very impressed with them.
 And here apparently is the person responsible for cleaning up after the meetings.:-)
 On our way out of town I took a few pictures of the town square.  It is such a cute little city.

 The drive back to Guadalajara is not necessarily the most interesting one. Most of it is through the middle of a dry lake bed.
Why paint a center stripe down the road when you can just use rocks?

Sunday night we attended the Christmas program at one of the stakes in Guadalajara. This was a first for me. A real live burro on the stage of a stake center!
 And we may not have David Archuleta to sing in the Christmas program but I think the missionaries sounded pretty great!
 This was a different kind of singing, but it made me tear up a bit. I am sorry I didn't take the picture from the front but I didn't want to be irreverent. This was the Colima Zone singing the mission song after their zone leader class. The elder in front (sort of leading it:-) goes home in less than a week--along with three others in this zone. Hearing everyone sing the song was very emotional for me. I can't imagine how I will feel when it is my last time to sing it with the missionaries. I am sure that will be a very sad day--luckily it isn't for a very long time.
 After the class one of the elders made these for everyone. They were flour tortillas with cheese, fried egg and Mexican cream.
 Then the sisters brought out their "farewell cheesecake" for the four going home. It made me wonder why I cook so much for them all. From now on I think they can all help with some of the cooking! :-)

Everyone always loves being together and when I am around I always kick them out the door. Some how we have not yet been able to help them have a greater sense of urgency to get to work than desire to socialize. (But we are working on it!)
 These four were pretty proud though. Apparently the zone had been having a competition for the past six weeks and this district was the winner! Congrats!! The prize was autographed ties.
 More eating . . .
 Finally they were ready to leave. All gathered around for the zone cheer!
 Blurry, I know, but you get the idea.
It was a totally fun morning for us. Every month we visit a different zone class (want to be sure what we teach in zone leader council is making its way down:-) and since we had to be in town for a meeting with the stake president in the evening we decided to go early and visit this one.  I have heard Elder H's mother reads the blog so . . . just want to say he did a super great job in his teaching. He taught exactly what was supposed to be taught in a very engaging way. He and all the others going home Monday will be missed!

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  1. Wow!!!!
    I just discovered this. I think that it is amazing. I served in this mission. I have been home for more than two years now. I served in Colima as one of the first missionaries from this mission when the boundaries were changed three and a half years ago. I really appreciate what you are doing. I think about my mission every day but have not had memories this vivid in months. I am sitting here at my desk reflecting on 2012, crying now as I recall the wonderful experiences I had on my mission. Thank you Hermana Wagner for sharing this. It really means so very much to me!! Que Dios te bendiga!!
    Josh Humpherys
    P.S. Teach those elders urgency. I promise the mission will end way too soon with way too much left undone unless they treat it with the urgency that such an important mission requires. You already know that, I know it now, but I am not there anymore. I hope they learn it sooner than I did!!!