Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Leadership Training Day 1

This week we are training District and Zone leaders on how to do divisions. And since we also do divisions with sisters--as in they divide with each other--we invited the sisters in the host city to come to the training as well.

We really had a fun day. The missionaries were trained on companionship study, asking for references, challenging for baptism, apartment cleanliness, planning baptismal services and how to use them to find people to teach, telephoning in their reports, and how to help the missionaries they go on a division with recognize his/her weaknesses and strengths, set goals and come up with a plan to achieve their goals.

So basically it was a packed day!! We just hope that by tomorrow they will remember at least one thing they learned at it.:-)

Here are some pictures I took during the day.

The practices ... Here they were practicing making an outline for a lesson and then adding scriptures and examples.

 This was fun. They had two lines, everyone was given a principle that they were supposed to teach and challenge the person to be baptized. And they only had one minute to do it.

You have heard of Speed Dating? This was speed contacting using a list of questions the missionaries have been given to help them ask for references from members and investigators.  I think this was a lot of fun as well. 

 Subway for Lunch!
 I loved this. They were practicing making telephone calls to get reports from their district or zone members.

 Three meeting crashers! They came to pick up their companions so of course I had to take a picture of them as well.
 Most of the group

Oops. We were missing these two in the group picture. They were both out visiting with President Wagner
 This elder told me his mother reads the blog so I said we would have to take another picture of him then. So Mom, this one is for you!

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