Sunday, March 17, 2013

Leadership Training Days 2 and 3

Everything is starting to pile up on top of each other. We just finished leadership training and tomorrow we need to get everything ready for our sisters training on Tuesday. Also--we just got word that one of our missionaries from Central America who has been waiting for his visa, received it and will be arriving in the middle of the training we have planned for our sisters.

So life is getting a little crazy at the moment. Therefore--in an effort to not get behind too much on the blog, I am posting pictures of both days 2 and 3 of our leadership training at the same time.

And here is a run down of what we did. . . . Everything came from Preach My Gospel or the Missionary Manual. President Wagner first went over the responsibilities of leaders and what they are supposed to cover on divisions. Then we practiced some of the things they are supposed to cover.

First we had companionship study. (PMG Chapter 2) They were given a principle and told to make an outline of the principle focusing on the doctrine they were teaching. Then they combined with other missionaries to add scriptures and examples. This section was taught by the zone leaders in one of the three zones attending, and they all did an AWESOME job! (Elder Aguilar and Elder Gonzalez, Elder Webb and Elder Duda, and Elder Turley and Elder Casas) Here are some pictures of the groups working to improve their outline.

 Although some can't help but pose for the camera.:-)

We also practiced challenging people to be baptized after teaching any principle. They formed two lines and were given a principle. After teaching two lines of the principle they were to challenge the person to be baptized, and after they accepted the challenge (we only had golden contact this day:-) the missionary was supposed to ask for a list of people the investigator would like to invite to the baptism. They then were given another principle and another--all for just one minute each. It really was a lot of fun doing this. (Oh and one of the lines moved one person down each time so after every minute they were talking to a different person)
Another practice in lines was asking for references using the specific questions the missionaries have been given to help them with this. We turned this in to a competition to see which line (team) could get the most references from their "investigators" or "members".  The Assistants handled both of these activities
President Wagner also talked with the missionaries about how to plan a successful baptismal service--where you can invite potential new investigators. Elder Snyder, Elder Brighton and Elder Silverio were asked to come prepared share their ideas (which were all great) and then everyone shared one idea they used that was successful.

Another thing leaders are supposed to do is check area books. We had three missionaries who shared what PMG says needs to be in the book and then they shared some great tips to have a PMG Area Book. Elder Longhurst, Elder Armengol, and Elder Upchurch taught this part and all did a great job. Afterward everyone checked their area book for ways they could improve and then practiced by checking the area book of someone else as well.

 I also covered cleaning. We are supposed to check all the apartments every six months, but have realized that is not nearly often enough, however, it is impossible for us to do more. (Oh, how we would love a senior couple to handle this!!) What we are now doing is having the district and zone leaders check apartments during each change period--so every six weeks. To teach this part--of what an apartment should or shouldn't look like--I showed pictures of the missionaries apartments. It was pretty funny to see their heads drop in shame when I showed a bad picture of their apartment or have them look up and smile--when I showed a good one. 

Lunch for all three days was Subway. Two of the groups bought the meal --which included a sandwich, drink and a cookie--all for about $3.50. The last group skipped the drink and cookie and bought a footlong for every person. I guess they were a hungrier group.

I also taught a segment on how to help the people you are on divisions with set goals. (This all came from the missionary manual) Here some of the missionaries are practicing using PMG to help the person find ways they can improve. 

And of course we ended with the mission hymn!

Lastly, here are some pictures of our last group. A district leader helping out the sisters in his district.

Mail Call!!

 And along with the mail comes the Liahona (Ensign)
 It was so much fun being with everyone!! We look forward to doing it again in three months!

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