Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Zone Conference Day 9!! We made it!!

Our last zone conference for this round was held last Friday. The conference itself was a lot of fun and we had a good time with the missionaries. Here are some pictures I took at the conference.

First--some of the companionships as of last Friday. We had changes yesterday and some of these changed.

 Our sister threesome.

 These two are the current zone leaders--as of yesterday. The one on the left had served as a zone leader before and is now doing it again. The one on the right went from junior companion to zone leader. That was probably a bit of a shock for him.

 Role play. Here the zone leaders at the time are playing the missionaries and President Wagner is their "investigator"
 This is how we set up for conferences. We have tried other arrangements but for our purposes this works best. We can have role plays in the middle (or push ups if needed:-) , we can always see the faces of those we are teaching and the chairs quickly can be re-arranged for practices.
 Like here . ..

 Lunch! Once again the sisters in the area did a fantastic job of providing the food. The brown stuff with a white sauce was actually the best chicken cordon bleu I have ever had in my life. So delicious!!

Taking care not to dirty his tie.
 The missionaries who met their language study goals (for either Spanish or English) got rewarded with chocolate.
 Clean up. Moving that piano off the stage was not easy. Thankfully we have strong missionaries!!

And then there was putting away all the tables. 

 Or reading the Liahona . . .:-)
 And a few random pictures in the end.

Good job Everyone!! See you all soon at interviews!!

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