Thursday, May 9, 2013

Meeting with the Missionaries in Tepic

We had such a good time with this zone. The zone leaders were very prepared and there was a great spirit in the zone.
And the food for lunch was good.:-)

The zone leaders teach during part of each conference, and included in their teaching, is of course, practices. 
I love how they always keep such a close eye on what is happening and offer support and encouragement. 

 And this zone leader even led the song "Scripture Power" which was part of our English study program. His major in college is music conducting so he was happy to help us out.
 And definitely ended with a flourish!
 For the last two zone conferences we have given a test over basic doctrine, scripture mastery and teaching skills all found in Preach My Gospel. This has helped give the missionaries some additional direction in their personal studies and gives us a good idea of where we need to improve our training.
 Apparently it requires some pretty intense thinking.

For a break--and to get everyone's blood flowing---we added an additional song to our English study program. (All Spanish speaking missionaries are required to learn English, just as all English speaking missionaries are required to learn Spanish)
Here we are once again singing "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes" although looking at this picture, it might be hard to know which body part we were supposed to be on. Was it shoulders? Head? Or maybe ears?

 I always like to get a group picture following the meeting. It was especially fun in this zone. The zone leaders had made the large Libro de Mormon as a prop for teaching. So of course we had to take the zone picture with it. Most of the missionaries were also holding a copy of the Book of Mormon! (Can you see why we had so much fun with this zone?:-)
 And then of course we had to take companionship pictures with the large book as well . . . And by the way, this companionship was awesome in the scripture chase. They both found every scripture in the time allotted--which is only about 6 seconds.

 This is an awesome district. They are doing such a great job. But what is also fun about them is they each come from a different country. We have Mexico, United States, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

 And a couple more district pictures with the book . . .

 And last of all this picture of two US elders from the same generation. I love their big smiles!!
So there you have a few pictures from day two. Next up--Vallarta!

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