Tuesday, May 7, 2013

On the Road Again!! Zone Conference #4

This past week we hit the road again, this time for zone conferences. We traveled the north side of the mission and held three zone conferences. We always love being with the missionaries. So many of them are serving at such a great sacrifice and most are working hard and being obedient.

Here are some pictures from the first zone we met with. First we arrived at the church to discover this going on right across the street!! A May Day celebration with very loud trumpets playing and dancing. We are getting used to teaching over loud distractions, however, but luckily (or perhaps an answer to our prayers:-) it didn't last too long!

 We only have elders in this zone. Hopefully some sisters will be able to work here eventually, but as of now it is all elders. And see the blonde missionary? He has been in the same area since he arrived here--9 months ago. And I don't think he will be receiving a transfer anytime soon, since see the elder sitting on the far right? Yeah, that is his companion. A brand new missionary. So they will be together for at least three months. The elder on the far left is also brand new and the four of them work in the same city together.
 More of our fine missionaries. I just noticed the pop bottle though. I always tell them they can drink it if they want to, but they have to drink two glasses of water afterward since soda dehydrates you. Hopefully he did that!
 And three more . . .

 And the zone leaders.

 Our theme this time was the Book of Mormon. Everyone was asked to study Preach My Gospel Chapter 5 and come prepared seeking ways to better use the Book of Mormon in their teaching. The zone leaders taught how to invite investigators  to read and pray. And here they are practicing what they learned.

 How about a little Scripture Power!
 We also sang Head Shoulders Knees and Toes to help the Spanish speaking missionaries learn English. But  . . .what is wrong with this picture? :-)
 And a little toe touching . . .
 Of course we also had lunch. This couple were so sweet to provide the meal for us. We love them!! They are some of the nicest people!


And a picture of the food . . . 

What a good zone leader!! Always giving a lift to those in need.:-)

The whole zone. . . .which will soon have a married couple working with them as well!

 And clean up! I love it when they get right to work cleaning up the mess!
 The building here is a two story building, which has great views of the area around it. I took this picture of the workers headed home after a long day work. There were two trucks and they waved hello when they saw me with a camera. (And I was a long ways off!)
 This is the view across the street.
 And this too. I love this. I think it looks like a secret garden.

And that was day one!!

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