Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Good Job Elder V!!

Every missionary in Mexico should learn a new language on his/her mission. The missionaries coming from the United States learn Spanish, and all missionaries from Spanish speaking countries have the opportunity to learn English. 

The Area Presidency in Mexico has been very supportive of this program. Elder Johnson, (Area President) told us that learning a second language in today's world is a significant advantage, but knowing two languages in the future will be absolutely necessary.

So we work hard encouraging all of our missionaries to use their daily language study time actually studying. (This has been a challenge for many, both those learning English and those learning Spanish)

Before a missionary returns to his/her home, there is an English proficiency test they take. It is completely oral and graded. Upon completion of the test the missionary earns a certificate that he/she can use to obtain future employment. 

Yesterday Elder V came to the house to take his test. 
As you can see, he was surrounded by support!
President Wagner and Elder V's companion were on hand, as was Sister Wagner (Hija) who is over the language program in our mission. 
And we even fed him dinner beforehand.:-)

We are so proud of Elder V and all the missionaries who have taken the test in the past.
And we hope all of our missionaries are currently preparing to take it as well!

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  1. Gracias por hacer hincapié en el aprendizaje de un nuevo idioma, es importante que nuestros jóvenes sean las personas mas preparadas. Los elderes de habla inglesa tienen el privilegio de aprender durante 2 años el español. Al principio no lo pueden hacer bien pero conforme avanzan en su misión sus progresos son sorprendentes, ninguna escuela te permite un aprendizaje de 24 horas diarias del idioma. Ahora nuestros jóvenes de habla española tendrán una gran oportunidad de aprender un nuevo idioma, tal vez no con tanta práctica como los americanos, pero eso les ayudará a regresar a casa y ponerse a estudiar con mas ganas.