Wednesday, August 21, 2013

La Despedida!

Once again we bid farewell to another group of missionaries this past week. It was such a sad day! We love every one of these missionaries and are going to miss them very much!! But we wish them the very best as they move on to great things at home.

One missionary, Elder Carbó had to leave a few days early to get back in time for school. So we had a dinner just for him, but invited the assistants as well. Here is a picture of the three of them after the dinner.  Elder Carbó is in the middle.

Then on Sunday night the rest came for dinner. We had 15 missionaries leave this change!!

And a few other pictures from the evening . . .

Don't pay attention to the stalker in the window.:-)

Both of these elders served as assistants to President Wagner

 And here is the signing of the quilt. All of our missionaries sign the quilt--either as they enter the country or for those who arrived before we did, as they leave. Elder Jensen had asked for months and months if he could sign but I made him wait until his last night. So of course when he finally did we had to take a picture!!

Final Transfer
(For the missionaries privacy as well as security, I never put their name and picture together on the blog. Nor do I put the exact location of where in the mission they are working.
But when they go home, I do post their names, pictures and where they are going to)
Elder Eduardo Vergara--Tampico, Mexico
Elder Victor Quilumba--Quito, Ecuador
Elder Cole Duda--Mahomet, Illinois
Elder Lucas Grantham--Santa Rose, California
Elder Brig Jensen--Las Vegas, Nevada
Elder Arispencer Coleman--(Undecided:-)
Elder Thomas Casanova--Merida, Mexico
Elder Israel Hernandez--Puebla, Mexico
Elder Mizraim Sanchez--Mexico, Mexico
Elder Alberto Jacinto--Tabasco, Mexico
Elder Mosiah Silverio--Chilpancingo, Mexico
Elder Gabriel Lopez--(He isn't sure)
Hermana Maria de Jesus Hernandez--Cancun, Mexico
Elder Jorge Alberto Canul--Merida, Mexico
Elder Santos Xavier Carbó--Puerto Rico

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