Sunday, August 18, 2013

What we do on our week "off" :-)

This past week was a down week--meaning we weren't as busy as other weeks and we weren't traveling. But we still had a lot of things going on. Here are our top 5 that I haven't already written about--in the order they occurred.

1. A p-day trip to the zoo.

The zoo in Guadalajara is a lot of fun. You can buy a complete package and see everything or just buy an entrance pass for the things you want to see and do. We bought for the main zoo and the train and had a really good time.  The zoo sits on the side of this beautiful canyon!! So even if you aren't a fan of the animals you can enjoy the scenery.
 Here is Kathryn with the birds.  I will spare you all the pictures of the animals.:-)

2. A trip to Manzanillo

Manzanillo is about 3 hours away and at the end of a beautiful drive!! The scenery takes my breath away even after a year of seeing it. (It isn't as pretty in the dry season, but in the rainy season it is spectacular.)

On this particular day, however, we had rain all the way there, all during church, and all the way back. It was so much rain, in fact, that the roads out of Manzanillo were all flooded and it took us an hour and a half just to find out way out of the city.

Rain pouring off the side of the church building. 
 One of the roads leading out of town. 

3.  Follow up training for trainers and new missionaries.

On Wednesday we had all the trainers and their companions come back into town for follow-up training. We met at the church and had training by myself, President Wagner, Kathryn and the assistants. Following our training meeting, all those not living in the city (since they could make it to their meal with the ward members) were fed pizza, salad and fruit juice.

Here is most of the group all ready to learn (we had a few who showed up right after the picture was taken).

The training . . .
The food . . .

And the departure . . .

#4. Farewell dinner for Elder Carbó from Puerto Rico

The rest of his generation will leave tomorrow (Monday), but Elder Carbó received his final transfer on Wednesday night so he could get back to school on time. We had a nice dinner at the house with him and the assistants and then sent him on his way. He will definitely be missed. He is a great elder.

Elder Carbó (center) and the assistants.

#5. Office Party and welcoming a new office couple
We have a new senior office couple!! After being used to senior office help, we were quite devastated at the departure of the Calls, but God has been merciful and sent us another couple. They started this past week and so on Saturday the office held a welcome party for them as well as a farewell party for the two elders leaving the office. (One assistant going home and one secretary who received a transfer.)

With the exception of a pot of beans (Sister Kingsford) and chocolate cake from us, everything else was cooked by the elders. I was so impressed!!

Here are the cooks (It was their p-day so hence the attire)

The fly-swatter . . .

The food . . .

With of course LOTS of tortillas!! 

And the setting--under the mango tree!

And while sitting there I looked up and saw this!
Elder Morales had his name written on some of the mangoes!! I guess he wanted to be sure he got his fair share.

It was a good week with fun times, but now we are ready to have transfers tomorrow and head out for zone conferences!! (Which means in the next three weeks I should have pictures of everyone!:-)


  1. Thank you Sister Wagner!! You are wonderful!!

  2. I love the picture of the mango :-) I have to say, it is an improvement over how Elder Morales and his brother used to "mark" their food at home.