Monday, April 28, 2014


Last night we bid farewell to yet another group. We love all the missionaries but this one was especially hard to say goodbye to because we met five of them in the MTC when we were there. They arrived in Mexico five days before we did and have so have been with us nearly our entire time here. It just didn't seem right that they were leaving us, but like all the others before them, they did.:-)

Elder Harrison Reid--Scottsdale, AZ
Elder Victor De La Mora--Metepec, Mexico
Elder Benjamin Jarvis--Cedar City, UT
Elder Camron Rogers--Santaquin, UT
Elder Brenton Webb--Lehi, UT
Elder Paden Faucett--Payson, UT
Hermana Ana Luna--Quéretero, Mexico

And a couple other pictures . . . 

The sign of a hard working elder. :-)
 This was cute. A family gave this elder socks as a gift with their names embroidered on them.
 Mostly matching socks--at least in style.
 Best friends for sure, although we had to spend most of the mission keeping them apart. Separate they were great, together, they were just a little crazy.
 Another sign of a hardworking missionary. Most shoes do not make it through the entire mission.

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  1. Love the photo of the socks and shoes . . . so true . . . and also the worn out feet of the dear missionaries as they make their final transfer!