Friday, April 11, 2014

Interviews--the fourth straight day! (Yes! We Are Tired!:-)

Here are pictures from day four of interviews. I think this time I only forgot the zone leaders.:-) Sorry about that!

I told them to show some love. I guess it is a "guy" thing.:-)
 With two other elders . . .
 During one part of the interviews (or while waiting for interviews) I had them practice leaving me text messages. This is what one elder wrote.  The message I will never receive.:-)
 Translated it says his symptoms are: Super Happy, Walking in the clouds and finding golden investigators. And he has had this "ailment" since he started work at 6:00 on Monday. Cute.
 Also while waiting I gave them a cross word puzzle to help in their study of the Book of Mormon.--learning main people and events. By the way . . . the answer to the one so many of you are struggling with is Liahona.:-) (And the zone leaders are on the left side of this picture so I did get them you just can't see them very well.:-)

 A missionary has gotta do what a missionary has gotta do! In this case, the parasite cleanse.

Another long but fun day!!

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