Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Interviews . . . Two More Days!

So yes, I have gotten behind, but it is because we are traveling. So here are two days worth of pictures. Enjoy!

 I asked them health questions and they had to write the answers on their whiteboards. I have just found that when I ask a question in a group setting, one person will answer and no one else listens, so this is the way I made sure everyone knew the answer.:-) The most fun part is when they practiced writing me a text message describing their illness. Some of the missionaries were pretty creative!

 We also practiced making telephone calls and leaving giving me the information I need about their condition, beginning with their names. Everyone has been a good sport and we have had fun with it. Pretty snazzy phones too don't you think? :-)
 We are still working on healthy food choices. The Peñafiel didn't get my healthy food choice award, but good try, Elder!
 And yes, we have a missionary with a cast. And the little yellow packets? It is popcorn. We are focusing on Hope this month as our attribute of Christ and so I have given each companionship a packet of pop corn with a note saying that hope is the belief that the fiery trials of today will help us grow into someone better--just like heat added to the corn helps it grow into something better. (I knew I wanted to give them popcorn, so I had to figure out a way to make it relate to the attribute.:-)

 When we arrived, there were no sisters in this zone. It is one of the most difficult zones to work in--as in hottest and poorest. But now we have six sisters and they are all awesome! Tough women, that is for sure!

Two more days!

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