Saturday, June 14, 2014

Twenty Three New Missionaries!!

The day after each goodbye is a welcome. And this time we welcomed 23 new missionaries!
It started at 8:20 Monday morning when 16 missionaries arrived from the MTC in Mexico City. This was the first time for us to receive Americans from the Mexican MTC. It threw off our schedule a bit doing the training in both English and Spanish but we adjusted and for the most part things went smoothly. Six more missionaries were supposed to come in that night from Provo but there were problems with their plane and so they arrived the following day at 2:00 instead.

We are so glad to have them all here and look forward to getting to know them better.

Here are pictures from the first group.

And here is the group from the next day . . .

And their pictures with their new companions.  All 23 of them!!

The rest were taken at night by my husband on his iphone. I think they are great!

We look forward to great things from them all!!

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