Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June Mission Council

Mission Council was held today! 
We always love this meeting because we get to meet with all the zone leaders and sisters leader trainers for training.
To help everyone who is learning English, we always sing the opening song in English and any native Spanish speaker who prays does it in English as well. 

During the first hour President Wagner meets with the zone leaders to go over zone statistics and cover some housekeeping items.

During this same time I meet with the Sister Leader Trainers. 
This has proved to be a great way to get a good idea of what the sisters' specific needs are.
And I have to say our Sister Leader Trainers are AWESOME!
After Monday we will have over 70 sisters in the mission and having sisters to help and train them all has been critical. So grateful for these wonderful sisters.

And we are just as grateful for the assistants and the zone leaders who do a FANTASTIC job training their zones. 
So blessed!!

 Next, our fearless assistants teach. This month they taught the fundamental lesson on how to begin teaching. They always do a great job and are very careful to follow the Training Module. Their teaching is exemplary.

 I taught next. Each month we focus on an attribute of Christ. This month we are focusing on Gratitude. I love this group of leaders!! They have such a great spirit about them and participate very well.
 Lastly President Wagner taught on lesson 2, The Plan of Salvation. One of the challenges we have been given by the Area Presidency is to be sure that all of our missionaries understand each principle that they teach. Although the Plan of Salvation might sound very basic, when we study it with the missionaries they always have a lot of questions as well as great insights.
 And lastly we eat. After two months of Mexican food we went Ameri-Mex. We had chips and salsa, hot dogs, beans, green salad and chocolate chip cookies.
A huge shout out to my very good friend Connie Purtymun from Peoria, Arizona who came down to visit and while here made the cookies the missionaries ate today! (We froze them the second they came out of the oven.) Love her!!

Now all the missionaries are headed back to their areas to teach everyone else what they learned today. Good luck to you all!! We wish you the very best!

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