Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Otra Despedida!

Saying goodbye to this group was particularly hard. It was the first group of missionaries we welcomed into the mission field. And we were in the MTC together (which is why President Wagner is standing in the picture:-)
We are already missing them but know they will do great things!

Final Transfer
Front Row
Elder Braxton Duncan--Cedar City, UT
Elder Kaleb Payne--Clinton, UT
Elder Taran Pew--Cedar Hills, UT
Elder Derick Morales--Boise, ID
Elder Marcus Fortney--Washington, UT
Elder Jason Eldredge--Draper, UT
Elder Jordan Rodebush--Vista, CA
Elder Yancy Knight--West Jordan, UT
Elder Eric Brighton--Spring, TX
Elder Scott Upchurch--Mesa, AZ
Elder Jaxon Mills--Monroe, UT
Missing from the picture is Elder Jake Longhurst who went home a few months early for health reasons. 

Here are a couple pictures from their day in the mission . . . 

On the day they arrived in the mission I took pictures of their nice, black, shiny shoes. My hope was to get a picture on their last day of those same shoes, but none of them made it to the end of the mission. Most disposed of those shoes about half way in.
But I did get a couple pictures of the shoes that came next.

And how about a pair of socks?
The farewell dinner . . .

Waiting for the taxis
 Last picture before they headed off.
And here is a bonus picture for Elder Duncan's dad. I have had this one on my computer for a long time but never posted it. So, here it is! It is from interviews 6 months ago.

We wish them all the very best!

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  1. I did have those shoes during the entire mission- elder duncan