Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mission Council . . . Just For Fun!

Following our mission tour with Elder Pieper (all the pictures and info for that will be on the blog early next week) we held a mission council so that he could attend. This was the second council for this change, but since I neglected to post pictures of the new missionaries attending the council at the last meeting, here they are!

The four newest members of the mission council!  We welcome them and are grateful to have them with us.

And since Elder Pieper was with us I didn't take a lot of other pictures other than when we were eating. I usually cook for this meeting but we were coming from Tepic early that morning and had been on the road for three days straight so I wasn't able to do anything. So grateful for pizza! And for Hermana Kingsford in the office who made a delicious salad so we could have a little more of a balanced diet. Thank you!!

But just for fun, here are a few pictures from lunch.

Definitely finger licking good!!

 Apparently not everyone wants to have their picture taken. :-)
 I think we call that a pizza sandwich!

It was such a nice day and we were so thankful to have Elder Pieper with us. I don't have any pictures of him, but I promise, he was there!

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