Friday, September 26, 2014

Special Training

A couple weeks ago we held specialized training for all district, zone and sister leader trainers. We met in three different cities over three different days. The assistants did much of the training and did a wonderful job. We are so grateful to them and all their hard work.

President Wagner began the meeting by reviewing the leadership principles taught in the Missionary Manual.

(practicing following up on goals that were set)

He was followed by the assistants who taught how to hold a district/zone class with an emphasis on teaching with the training model which is: Explain, Demonstrate, Practice, Evaluate, Re-practice and then apply.

They then taught how to plan more effectively using a ward list.

I led a discussion on how to improve divisions. I had read a quote in the mission president's manual that said divisions were one of the most powerful yet under utilized tools for teaching. So we discussed the basics of how to hold a division and then counseled together how we could make them powerful.

The assistants, using the training model, then taught how to give specific and direct feedback during and after a division and how to help the missionary you are with set goals.

President Wagner finished the training with a question and answer session and then taught leadership principles from D&C 121.

Here are some more pictures from the training. I was not able to attend the second day (here in Guadalajara) due to a health issue, so I am sorry I don't have any pictures from that day to share.

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