Sunday, October 7, 2012

Just a Few Pictures

Last weekend we went to Ciudad Guzman for a district conference. This town is about 90 minutes away from our home and is a fun drive by maize fields and through the middle of a mostly dry lake bed.

The conference was scheduled for the same day as the Relief Society Broadcast. Since many of he members need to travel over an hour to attend, the district presidency decided to have the adult session of the conference at 5 and then while they were holding the priesthood leadership meeting, the women met in another room to listen to the RS broadcast. Following both meetings we had the added treat of taking the missionaries to Dominos for dinner.
(Sorry it is a little blurry, I just had my phone.)

When we arrived at the church building we saw one of our new missionaries was rising to new heights. :-) And I promise, I stayed close by to make sure he stayed safe!
After dinner we went to the Elders' apartment to check it for safety and cleanliness. Four elders live there. They did not know we were coming so I was particularly impressed that all their clothes were put away and all beds were made. They had healthy food, clean water and cleaning supplies. Just when I was about to be completely impressed, I found hidden at the back of the house in the laundry room, all the dirty dishes. At least they had been rinsed off.:-)

The next day, following the conference, I got to visit with these wonderful women while all of our husbands were in meetings. I get to wait for President Wagner a LOT, so it is always made more fun when there are friendly women to spend the time with.  This group called themselves "The Widows Club"--meaning church widows, of course.

By Tuesday I will have a lot of pictures posted (finally) from our mission tour. Be sure to check back to see those!

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