Saturday, October 27, 2012

On the Road Again!

I am so sorry I have been behind in posting on this blog! 
We have been out of town for three straight weeks and finding time to write has been rather difficult. But I do have some great pictures to share that I will be posting over the next week or so.
Beginning with these . . .

We attended a stake conference and had such a great time. (I don't like to post locations usually for the safety of the missionaries). The stake president and his wife are awesome! Both served missions in Utah (different missions) and so both speak English well. 

Being able to spend time with the missionaries was such a treat. I missed the best picture though. There was a baptism after stake conference. I wish I had been able to take a picture of the sister being baptized and the missionaries who taught her but I had to be elsewhere when the pictures were being taken. 

But here are some photos of the missionaries waiting for the baptism to begin. 

The elders were also showing me their shoes. Pretty worn, I would say!
So I had to take a picture of the sister's shoes as well.
The contrast made me laugh. 
But truthfully, the sisters do not wear these shoes to work. They sure love to wear them to church and conferences though. 

And I loved these pictures.
It looks like the little girls were having chair races in the hall.

And my favorite picture of all!
Stake conference can be so exhausting!!

 And this is where we were last week!
In meetings!
We flew to Cancun for our Mission President's Seminar with the Area Presidency.
We had a wonderful time meeting all the other mission presidents and their wives.
And although the meetings were long, we learned a lot from them that will hopefully help the work here in Guadalajara.
Oh, and then there was the day at the ruins in Tulum!
I paid 50 pesos to hold this iguana so I could take a picture for my grandkids.
I can't say I was loving the experience though. 

This week we have visited all the missionaries who work in Tepic, Santiago Ixcuintla and Vallarta in their homes. 
Some mothers will be so proud and others . . . well. . . I will post the pictures in a few days. :-)

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