Tuesday, October 30, 2012

They're Back!

Today was once again zone leader council. Since six members of the council are going home in a week, we also had their replacements in attendance for a total of 26 people. So this time we had to put up three tables for dinner.

It really was a sad day for me. While cooking breakfast for them all this morning I had to keep stopping myself from crying. We have only been here four months but already love the missionaries so much that it is painful to see them leave, even though we know it is time for them to move on to the next stage of their lives.  Here is a picture of the six going home. This weekend they will join with 11 others at our house for their farewell dinner and testimony meeting.

But as always, there departure provides opportunities for others. It won't be official until Sunday, (but none of the missionaries should be reading this blog anyway so they won't know:-) but here are the six new zone leaders. We are excited for their opportunities to grow and for our opportunity to work more closely with them. 

Here are some additional pictures from the day. Here are two kick'n back a bit after six hours of training. 

 LOVED this picture!! Elder K on the left was the trainer for the missionary on the right. Elder K arrived early and was sitting in the living room when the other missionaries entered. I loved seeing the look on his face when Elder J came in. He had such a big smile and then they gave each other a big hug. Elder J is one of our new zone leaders.
 Three of the four below are going home. So sad. At least we get to keep Elder S for a long time still.

 There is never any rest for the assistant. While everyone else was visiting, here he is working still.
 I think Elder P wanted to be in most of the pictures.:-) Here he is again (middle) You will also find him in the last picture as well.
Sorry about the lighting on this one. President Wagner had just asked the missionaries their opinion on an important issue and everyone was going over to give their opinion.

It was a good day. Later this week I will post picture from the north side of the mission. 

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