Saturday, October 13, 2012

Why We Do Apartment Checks

This past month we have been checking the houses of the missionaries. We check for both cleanliness and safety, taking into account that most of our checks are done during the week and most of their cleaning is done on Monday. (So in other words, we don't get too upset if it is not perfect.)

Here are some pictures of our finds.

Industrious! In two of the apartments we found piles of material, which we learned the missionaries use to sew by hand scripture covers which they give as gifts to members. (They do this on p-day of course.)

Dangerous!! We also found this in one apartment. The elders didn't want to make the effort to have gas delivered to their house, so they were heating up their water with these electric coils. Notice the burned part? Yes--these are outlawed!!
 The typical Elder's fridge
(They have money for food, many just don't want to buy it.)
And no, an empty, dirty fridge does not pass inspection

The Sister's Fridge
(Not only is there food in it, but it is healthy!!)

I got such a kick out of this bed. Notice how the sheets are even folded down. Yeah, I am pretty sure he knew we were dropping by. :-) The rest of the apartment was great as well! Congratulations Manzanillo!
 These were fortunate missionaries!! This picture was taken from the front porch of their apartment. Notice the proximity to the church building. Thankfully no one has tried any creative/dangerous ways to travel between the two.
 Not part of the house checks, but something I saw during interviews. Next time around I am taking a needle and some thread!

We are only about a third of the way done with house checks, but so far this one wins for dirty!! The rest of the apartment was almost as bad. There was a big pile of garbage in the corner that they all claimed had been there before any of them had arrived (So lets get rid of it!) plus messes everywhere.
I told them their mothers would cry if they knew they were living like this. 
And any potential girlfriends would lose interest.
I am pretty sure four elders will be doing some intensive cleaning this coming Monday.
(They are supposed to send me the pictures)

I was so much happier with the next house we went to.
This was the kitchen. Spotless!!
And the bathrooms were just as clean.
All the clothes were hung up and the floors had been swept.
(And they didn't know we were coming!)

 Okay, so apparently we have elders who need an extra friend. :-)

And the missionaries who live here?
These two, who were headed out to work--right on time!
 And these two--one of which is training and therefore has an additional hour of study time.
 We were really proud of this house as well as the others who have also been clean and organized.
Oh, and to the mother of Elder H, (zone leader in Colima) He wants you to know that his side of the house was clean. The other two elders, however, have some work to do. 


  1. Sister Wagner... I just read through most of your blog posts, and wanted to thank you for writing this blog! My boyfriend is Elder Cole Duda (he is a zone leader out there...extremely tall) and it's great being able to know more about where he is serving and what the missionaries get up to!
    Samantha :)

  2. I really enjoy all of your blog entries but this one was especially entertaining :-) Kristi Hansen

  3. We check this blog regularly and I was so excited to read that my brother, Elder Shawkey, was part of the clean apartment! I'm not going to say I'm really surprised but...I am a little :) He is loving his mission, even that extra hour of study time he's putting in! Thanks so much for keeping us all informed and updated. What a difference it makes in helping us know things are going great for him!