Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A few random pictures before I move on to Zone Conferences

Last week we held our mission council in Guadalajara. Unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures of everyone together but here are a few random ones. 

Yogurt break!
 Practices. Practices are in important part of all missionary training. In this situation the assistants were conducting the practices.
 Story time with President Wagner. :-) Actually it is a doctrinal discussion that we usually have the last hour or so of all our training meetings.
 This was an interesting meeting because we have several very "young in the mission" zone leaders. One--who is even American and therefore still learning the language--has only been in Mexico four and a half months! (Yes, I was surprised as well.:-)

And here is just a picture I took of the flowers in the front of the temple

 Two weeks ago we traveled to Puerto Vallarta for stake conference. Elder Paul Pieper of the Seventy presided at the meeting and reorganized the stake presidency. It was a great meeting and we particularly enjoyed the stake choir. They take their choir very seriously!! They sound awesome and you have to love the matching dresses!
 Last week we attended the district conference in Santiago. Since it is a district, rather than a stake, President Wagner usually presides at the conference. But this time we got a special treat. Elder Lester Johnson of the Seventy came to the conference with us. Because he couldn't be there on Saturday night the adult session was postponed to Sunday morning. So we had the adult session at 9:00-10:30 then a half hour break and the general session at 11:00. It was so amazing! The attendance was the highest ever and we all loved being taught by Elder Johnson.
 Always in Santiago, they have a choir from a different branch provide the music for each meeting--so three choirs in all when you include the priesthood session. They also take their choirs seriously. Here is a picture of a few of the members of this choir. It was taken during the break between the meetings so most were out getting a snack or in the bathroom.
It was a fun day but a bit of a crazy one--just to give you an example of what our lives are like. We drove to Tepic on Saturday night where I stayed at the hotel and President drove an additional hour to Santiago to attend the priesthood session of the conference. He then returned and we went to eat dinner around 9:00 at night. Elder Johnson joined us there (he was returning from a training meeting with the leaders in Tepic) and it took over an hour for us to get our food. By the time we finished eating we were all pretty tired.

We were up early for breakfast and then headed out the door by 7:30 to drive to Santiago. We attended all of our meetings and left Santiago around 2:30 to head back to Guadalajara. President dropped me off at the house at 5:45 where we gave Elder Johnson a quick snack before taking him to the airport. Meanwhile I was cooking a farewell dinner for our two missionaries who were headed home. Everyone arrived for the dinner at 7:00. That went until around 9:30. Then we hurried to clean up and get things ready for the next day which included President getting up early to take the two missionaries to the airport.

A day in the life of a mission president and his wife.:-)

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  1. I am exhausted just reading about it :) I can only imagine how exhausted you are. Thank you for the many hours of selfless service you give our missionaries. Love and prayers going out to you both!