Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Otra Despedida--Our First 18-year-old American Elders!

It is that time again! Changes! And with every change comes a farewell and a welcome. We were so sad to see this group go home! Every group that leaves takes a part of our hearts with them. But as always we look forward to hearing about the great things they are doing at home.

This is a unique group in many ways. First off this group contained our first group of 18-year-old American elders. It also included missionaries from six different countries. One of the sisters broke her ankle during her mission and had to return home for three months so her mission was extended. And one of the elders provided one of our two worst days in the mission when his heart stopped beating for 5 minutes during surgery for appendicitis. He was revived but had some complications that took a few weeks to overcome.

And we love and will miss them all!

Final Transfer
Elder Collier--did not fill out the information sheet
Elder Baker Nuñez--Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Elder Alfonso Pacheco--Mexico, Mexico
Hermana Katherine Gónzalez--Bogotá, Colombia
Hermana Lizbeth Zárate--Monterrey, Mexico
Elder Dante Hernández--Chilpancingo, Mexico
Elder Carlos Domínguez--Chihuahua, Mexico
Elder Ty Olsen--Gilbert, Arizona
Elder Rodrigo Rodriguez--Guatemala, Guatemala
Elder Dalton Yorgason--Gilbert, Arizona
Elder Aldo Araya--Heredia, Costa Rica
Elder Colton Western--Rancho Cucamonga, California
Elder Joshua Arters--Sun Valley, Idaho

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