Sunday, March 22, 2015

Week Three of Zone Conferences!

We finished this round of zone conferences with conferences in Tepic, Santiago Ixquintla and Puerto Vallarta. We were so impressed with the missionaries and their dedicated service! Here are some pictures from our time with them. As you can see, not all zones are created equal (size wize).

And here are the winners of the scripture chase! Good job! (And believe me the competition was pretty tough!)

As always we also celebrated birthdays for the first quarter of the year. Happy Birthday to all of you!

And a few random pictures . . . We are equal opportunity exercisers. All the zones got to do it!

 Two more of our fantastic sister training leaders teaching.
 Zone conferences always include a variety of activities, and a lot of practices!
 A little tie action.

 Group work.

 And a test!!

 I especially love this picture. The elder on the left is one of our current missionaries and the elder on the right is a former missionary. He spent the day with us and we loved having him there!

Next up--in a week--is changes and then we start interviews!

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